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Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage. – Anaïs Nin

A Holistic Wellness Community

HoloBeing connects the most dedicated holistic wellness practitioners of the Boulder area with clients who are committed to leading their own healing. Our model is simple: the Greek word “holos” means “whole” and we envision a community of whole, complete beings. 

Mind | Body Spirit Services

We don’t just put a Band-Aid on your problems; we get to the root of what’s causing them.  Our practitioners are highly trained and skilled at understanding the relationship between your mind, spirit and your body. Learn More …

Your New Business Home?

Choose from our comprehensive list of office utilization options. We have hourly, monthly and full service office space. Learn More …


HoloBeing is ready to partner with you to create a beautiful + successful event. Learn More …

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with one of our practitioners -OR- becoming a HoloBeing healing partner.

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We offer fully furnished and beautiful office space so your holistic business can thrive and your clients can do their good work.

What Our Practitioners Say

  • "She is a super savvy entrepreneur and powerful psychotherapist with a heart of gold and a rockin’ vision for bringing holistic practitioners together in an collaborative wellness center. If you're looking for office space or event location in Boulder, CO, with an incredible group of practitioners, Lesley is your lady!"

    Myka McLaughlin WINC - Founder
  • "Lesley has been an amazing resource and support system for my new business. She knows how to help each individual grow their business uniquely and professionally. She listens excitedly and helps create a clear plan and message. Thanks to Lesley I am no longer stuck and scared when it comes to business. "

    HoloPreneur J.I.
  • "Lesley blends a perfect balance of helping you understand the nuts and bolts and concrete logistics of running a business while helping you face your own internal demons that are blocking you from having the success you yearn for.  She is able to hold your hand through the ups and downs of developing a business with both firmness and gentleness.  She matter- of- factly believes wholeheartedly in you in a way that is almost impossible not to believe in yourself."

    HoloPreneur A.O.
  • The program has helped me address my money shadow, beliefs around abundance and professional worth. Lesley has a sharp mind and uses this tool to focus on business details I would have rather not looked at.  I can say honestly that I would not have as many clients, practical income goals, book-keeping practices and relevant marketing skills if it were not for the HoloPreneurs Program. I’ve been at HoloBeing since 2012 and have seen real growth in my business. In creating the HoloPreneurs Program, a thriving community for health practitioners was created. There’s no place I’d rather be. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is willing to look at their shadow; to transform and integrate it into a thriving business.

    HoloPreneur E.H.

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