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Transformational Coaching
Marconic Advanced No-Touch Energy Healing


Energy healing unlocks your hidden strengths and talents and helps align you with your authentic life path. Receiving energy work clears the energetic density holding you back from rising higher. My clients report increased mental clarity, better emotional balance, heightened intuition, spontaneous physical healing and a stronger connection to their Higher Self and Source after Sessions. I want that for you.

My intuitive coaching style combined with proven cognitive methods facilitates deep change and rapid results. Most coaching styles approach clients from the “action” line, creating frustration when desired results are not achieved. My approach helps you shift into mental and emotional alignment with your highest self as you release conflicting and limiting beliefs so that your results flow naturally from inspired actions.


Tawney Pierce

Transformational Coach ◍ Energy Healer

◍  [email protected]
(720) 717-0992
◍  3008 Folsom St.
Boulder, CO. 80304



Up-level your self awareness and perspective to express the authentic You. Through heart-centered evaluation, support and guidance we will create a path toward aligned choices, together.

Session Rate: $120/ hr
6+ sessions @ $100/ hr


Step onto the sacred bridge between you and your Higher Self. Receive clarifying insights from within you so that you can shed karmic debris, achieve balance, heal the chakra system and raise your vibration above dense fear programming.

Session Rate: $120 / hr
(follow-up/aftercare included)


Have you been “doing the work” but find yourself hitting a ceiling in your personal evolution? Do yout feel held back by old programming, fears and karmic patterns? Do you struggle with maintaining your positive energy levels in this fear-infused world?

You can drop density, rise above the fear programming and enjoy life from a higher vibration. The 360 Energy Turnaround Package will help you reach a higher vibrational state in just 6 weeks.

Week 1: Consultation and Marconic Energy Session (75 min.)
Week 2: Integration and Intuitive Coaching Session (50 min.)
Week 3: Marconic Enegy Session (50 min.)
Week 4: Integration and Intuitive Coaching Session (50 min.)
Week 5: Marconic Enegy Session (50 min.)
Week 6: Integration and Intuitive Coaching Session (50 min.)

Marconic Energy sessions allow you to shed the negative energy within your field while Coaching sessions provide a safe space for you to integrate the shifts and releases as you transform. Each Marconic Energy session raises your vibration incrementally and allows healing at deeper levels.

6 Week Rate: $599
Additional Energy Sessions avail. at $100 each


“I am so grateful for the energy work Tawney provides. I have worked with her for awhile and it has transformed every part of my life. The Marconic Energy work is unlike others I have tried. All areas where I was stuck, I now see with renewed clarity. Tawney’s follow up discussions provide insight into the shifts that occur after the energy work. My life began to flow in ways I never expected.”

Linda, Boulder, Colorado

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