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Lesley Glenner

We are so happy to introduce Danielle Weiss of HoloBeing and Mindful Healing Boulder.  Here, Danielle talks about her therapeutic work with clients and offers a generous discount for new clients interested in her offerings.  You can learn more about Danielle and contact her here.

Tell us about your work with clients!
My therapeutic style is founded in mindfulness and somatic-based therapy. Mindfulness-based therapy assists you in being able to tolerate difficult emotions instead of constantly living life in reaction to them. Then utilizing techniques from somatic therapy, we explore where emotions are stored in the physical body and use these insights to release unhelpful patterns and restore health and well-being.

How is this type of work different from other therapy?

Danielle Weiss

This type of therapeutic work is different because I guide you to find your own healing by connecting into your body. Often after experiencing trauma or deep emotional pain, we become disconnected from our bodies as a survival mechanism because at the time it is too painful. However, living in the world feeling disconnected from our bodies also leaves us feeling disconnected from the people in our lives and the world. So slowly learning to reconnect to our bodies and allow ourselves to become embodied is a very healing process in itself. I guide clients to tune into their emotional experience and help them identify where this may be stuck in the body. Through movement, breath, and mindfulness we work together to release emotional blocks from the body.

How does it benefit your clients?
This kind of work benefits clients because it brings deep healing, provides relief from emotional pain, and supports you in creating the life you desire. We explore where deep emotional wounds stem from, and bring healing by shining a light on the root of the issue. The mindfulness and body-centered techniques we practice together in sessions can be utilized in daily life and bring more peace and presence.

Who are the right clients for you?
My ideal client is anyone who is feeling stuck and who is open to transforming their life. Perhaps you are experiencing depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, stress, relationship issues, etc., and are longing for more meaning, more healing, and more joy.

If this resonates with you, I am excited to offer new clients a deal for the month of October: 4 sessions for $300. This is a $100 discount off of my full cost! Call by the end of the month (October 2017) to claim this discounted 4-session package. I am looking forward to meeting you and diving into the work!

Click here to connect with Danielle

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