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Transpersonal Development Coaching


The goal for transpersonal development coaching is to help you gain an understanding of your inner self so that you can start living life in an optimal way.

Transpersonal Development Coaching differs because it helps you develop the spiritual aspects of yourself in a way that is secular and what resonates with your soul.

There is an integration of spiritual tools and traditions with modern psychological thinking, that will help you release blocks that have been subconsciously holding you back.

Over the years, I have come to know that it’s not just the mind and the body that need healing, but it’s the spirit itself, or however, you want to identify the transcendent part of yourself that connects you to everything else.


Nikki Hartley

Transpersonal Development Coach

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Because there is a greater focus on the spiritual experience of being human, there are various modalities that are applied in the coaching sessions that will help you uncover what is buried, deep, and help you bring it forward and heal.

Things like:

Mindfulness Meditation
Guided Visualizations
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Neuro-linguistic Programming
Chakra balancing
and more…

These various techniques are now being used by many mental health practitioners, and there have been numerous studies done on the benefits of them to help correct long-held beliefs, create new cognitive patterns and create neuroplasticity in the brain to help form lasting changes.

Transpersonal Development Coaching differs in that I don’t see someone as “diseased” nor do I focus on what is “wrong” with you. I believe that there are lessons that we are all supposed to learn, and by uncovering the lesson, learning what it is and being able to apply it in a positive way into our life, we are able to move forward with strength, courage and a new understanding to our life. You are bigger than any difficulties or issues you might have, and I want to show you how to develop that understanding.

Session Rate: $125 / 60 Minutes


“Before my session I was suffering from extreme nausea from my pregnancy. I had just got out of the hospital and was exhausted and my ribs hurt from all the vomiting. I was in a mental state I can only explain as foggy, disconnected from the present. Nikki did a custom session for me. The thing about energy healing, is you don’t really know what to expect since each practitioner has a different style. Having gone to multiple practitioners before, I knew it would give me calm. That’s what I needed. What I didn’t expect is the restorative energy that came through almost immediately. I felt as though I could finally gain some peace, which lead to allowing the present moment to come in. I began to feel less agitated from my nausea. And then the most beautiful thing happened, I started to feel more connected to my baby. I didn’t realize … I was so sick, I couldn’t even wrap my brain around the gratitude I had inside for this little one. The session she provided was a blessing to my wellbeing and I will never forget it. Since then I have also used her remote healing sessions. I felt the need to drink a lot more water on the days after from the energy clearing. Nikki will always be on my healing team. My hope is that her services are as typical and “mainstream” as calling your chiropractor for an adjustment! Thank you Nikki”.”
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