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Individual Psychotherapy


I am committed to supporting individuals diagnosed with chronic physical and psychological illness,  Functional Neurological Disorders (FND), including psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES), medically unexplained neurological disorders (MUNS), and anxiety/depression. I draw from six years of experience working in the realm of psychosomatic bodywork, focusing on chronic illness (such as lupus, hashimoto’s, crohn’s) and inflammatory conditions, along with common structural and athletic issues.

My trauma informed work, keen intuition, love of research, and compassionate yet direct approach, has helped many over the years to find their way out of, the often, challenging experience of body-mind symptomatology.

I believe that healing occurs when one activates the wisdom of the mind-body connection. The simple, yet profound approach that I employ provides those seeking improvement in their quality of life a variety of tools that can be used in the moment when stress occurs.

I value the inherent intelligence that every person carries. I aim to connect clients to their greatest gifts that they already possess. Through direct experience, education, and collaboration, clients can expect to increase their ability to receive and respond to life in the here and now.

My training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® allows me to help clients access embodiment and genuine transformation in my psychotherapeutic work with people diagnosed with FND, chronic illness, and trauma. Under the supervision of Dr. Moenter, I translate the wisdom of bodywork into psychodynamic practice.

My beliefs, values, and approach to therapy emerged over decades of personal experience and study. I have been steeped in philosophy of the western canon and physical science along with the practices of zazen meditation, Hatha yoga, and Yin yoga

I am currently studying Somatic Psychology at Naropa University with an interdisciplinary focus on the  body and consciousness in therapy. I continue to train with John F Barnes and offer advanced bodywork in the form of myofascial release.


Liz Long, LMT, RYT, RP

 Somatic Psychotherapist ◍ Trauma Informed Bodyworker 

◍  l[email protected]
◍ (512) 773-5269
◍  3008 Folsom St.
Boulder, CO. 80304

My Education Includes:

– BA Philosophy + the History of Math & Science – St. John’s College – Santa Fe, NM
– Seeking MA – Somatic Psychology – Naropa University – Boulder, CO
– Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® – Level 1
– Lauterstein – Conway Massage School – LMT – Austin, TX
– John F Barnes Myofascial Release – Advanced Therapist
– Gioconda Yoga – RYT 200
– Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience. The somatic perspective on psychodynamic work fosters greater agency for client’s in the moment experiences no matter what life brings us.

Session Rate: $125 / hour

Trauma Informed Bodywork

I combine my somatic psychology education with the Barnes approach to Myofascial Release. This revolutionary brand of bodywork at its core focuses on physical trauma (any bodily injury) and the physical aspect of psychological trauma (tension etc. left over from adverse experiences).

Session Rate: $125/hr,  $165/90mins
Prices are flat rate, no gratuity please.


“Liz is a trusted, caring, intuitive, professional practitioner. She uses a systemic approach to assess and design treatment plans for her clients. Liz creates a safe place for her clients to heal. She listens and offers well thought out empirically sound advice. I originally went to Liz for chronic knee pain that kept me from enjoying activities like running and walking. Her massages relieved my knee pain in a few sessions. However, I have continued to see Liz twice a month for a little over two years because the massages improved my sense of well-being and helped me maintain flexibility all over my body and live pain free. Beyond physical aches and pains, Liz has helped me with chronic abdominal pain and has provided me with a wealth of resources on different health related topics of concern. Myofascial release therapy is a form of healing Liz introduced me to. I liken it to a deep unfolding. It addresses aches and pains impossible to treat with standard massage techniques. As a client, I have benefited from Liz’s passion for challenging herself to learn and grow in her chosen profession as a body worker and healer. Liz is organized, dependable, and professional. Always there for her clients. Ethical. Will offer proven methods and techniques to her clients.  Liz is a leader. She’s articulate one on one and in front of an audience. She’s respectful of people and their ideas. She’s a good teacher and facilitator. She will always be learning and improving.”

Client | Sandy

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