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Empathic, precise and dynamic. Those are a few of the words I’d use to describe myself and the approach that I take in my work as a psychotherapist, guide, business coach and the owner of HoloBeing, an incubator for holistic practitioners based in Longmont, Colorado (formerly based in Boulder).

Informed by my own healed – and healing– wounds, I am proud to say that healing, true healing, is at the core of my practice and my life. 

I am less focused on offering “deliverables” or making forced behavioral changes, I care more about inviting you to step in to the totality of your human experience and from there you can learn to ‘do better’ through increase awareness. The objective is to help you get to the very core of your challenges so that you may transcend them. At times this includes holding you accountable, challenging your story or pushing you to dig deeper in order to grow. You can count on my direct, honest and compassionate style. And don’t expect a one-size-fits-all approach either; I treat you like the unique, complex being that you are.

Together we can map out a plan for you to embark on this phenomenal voyage of self-discovery and transformation. I know firsthand that there is freedom and wholeness on the other side of deep personal work and I would be honored to share the beautiful, life-changing experience with you.

I’m so glad you’re here.

In Wholeness,

Lesley Glenner

Lesley Glenner, MA.

Group Facilitator ◍ Therapist ◍ Coach

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Conscious Parenting 

(For Couples or Individuals) Parenting is a noble path and can lead to personal growth, deep healing and a lifetime a love. Learn the skills to collaborate with your partner and raise your child(ren) with compassion, leadership and attunement.

Session Rate: $155/ hr


Coaching is about unlocking potential. When we are equipped, we are empowered, inspired and engaged. Let’s sharpen your tools, together.

Session Rate: $155 / hour



Learn what true partnership is. Answer your deepest and most vulnerable questions. Heal childhood wounds. Abiding love is possible if you have the right tools.

Session Rate: $155 / hour


For Therapists, Coaches + Holistic Practitioners!
Coaching for financial hygiene, literacy and organization with the deliverable of a fully functioning accounting system that fits your business and your life.

4 Month Program: $650/ month 


Whether we like it nor not, money plays a role in self-worth. Talking about your views on money will be helpful in uncovering your specific beliefs, which will allow you to understand how you value yourself.

Session Rate: $155 / hour

The Professional Development Fellowship Circle 

Gather weekly in an intimate setting to see your professional blindspots,  heal business battle wounds, and get custom support in community

6 Month Program: $150 / month


Lesley Glenner’s work is transformational. The women that I send to Lesley are held in a sacred space. Her ability to truly listen and respond to the deep needs of her clients is one of her great gifts to the world. We should all be so lucky to work with someone of Lesley’s caliber.”

Referring Colleague  | Boulder

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