Intuitive Marketing

Lesley Glenner

By Alexandra Davis

“Enjoy marketing? Are you crazy?”
Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? 
• You have no idea what to do to market yourself or your business.
• You’ve tried marketing yourself in the past with basically no results, or very few results, especially compared to your efforts.
• The marketing methods you’ve been taught don’t feel good to you, or make you feel scared, or like you aren’t being true to yourself when you pursue those methods.

You may be operating with some common marketing misconceptions.
If you hate marketing, you’re definitely not alone. As healer-types, many of us believe, and perhaps were even taught, that we need to ‘brace up’ to do our marketing.  That we have to step outside of our truest sincerity to market ourselves.  That we have to be the brightest and the ‘biggest expert’ to be seen and heard.  None of this is true!

Express your offers with ease.
To find success in business, at the most basic level, you need to express your offering clearly and then to find the right ways for your message to reach the right people.

Pinpointing the precise methods that will resonate in your business remains a process. But it’s a process that can feel true to your soul, be carried out with integrity, and—dare we say it—fun!

You don’t have to hate marketing.
If you aren’t having fun with your marketing, you likely haven’t found the right marketing methods for you. When you find the right method, you will probably enjoy it! We know that might sound crazy, but it’s true.  And we believe everyone can find a method that fits.

Feeling aligned starts with you.
The more aligned you are with your marketing, the more effective it will be and the better you will feel. It might feel impossible right now to imagine that you could be marketing yourself and feeling aligned, but it’s possible. We know because we’ve lived this ourselves.

We’ve guided practitioners in many healing fields to use this practical, time-tested approach: marketing from your truth.

We can help you increase visibility… intuitively.
Several keys help you find your way to the method (or methods) that feel totally true for you. With these, you’ll actually feel energized rather than shut down or in dread. We’ll show you what they are and help you sort through them.

We can do this through individual business coaching, 1:1 intuitive marketing sessions, or through our group-based Fellowship Program… a great value.

Reach out now to begin marketing with ease.

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