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Diamond Star Readings: Intuitive Readings and Counseling

There are two main reasons to receive an intuitive reading. The first is for profound psycho-emotional and spiritual life guidance. The second is for practical guidance. I am not a coach or a teacher of any particular methods of living. I am an experienced and skilled reader of energy and this is how I assist others in finding clarity and transformation.

Each person’s energy landscape is beautiful and absolutely unique. A skilled energy reader acts as a trail guide. The inner health of your personal landscape can be cleared and cultivated during a reading as what ‘belongs’ is revealed as well as what is blocking growth.

Blockages tell a story and an intuitive counseling session will help translate its meanings. Does it come from something you were taught as a child and never questioned as an adult? Is it a belief that served you at one time in your life, but no longer resonates, and is now causing stagnation?

The possibilities of what we encounter in ‘your landscape’ are different for everyone, but everyone finds that the information they receive during their reading feels extremely relevant and deeply resonant…because we are looking at and talking about you!

To Get to the Heart of What I Do:

I read energy. I tell you what’s working and what’s not in your energy field. I help you understand the manifestations of your inner thoughts, your beliefs and your perspectives as they ripple out into your external world. You will learn to understand your inner world better, and how to engage with your inner world so that what is created in your outer world is built with trust, love, alignment and happiness.

The effects of this work are beautiful. Sometimes it is quick and profound and sometimes it causes subtle shifts that over time will change the consciousness and possibilities within your life in beautiful and fulfilling ways.

Learn to trust yourself.
Learn to hear your pure self guiding you where to turn.
Learn how to love more deeply, truthfully and joyfully.
Learn how to make decisions with trust and alignment.

If you are seeking practical guidance, I also invite you into this work. During your session I welcome you to ask any questions that you desire clarity about. Here are some examples of the types of questions that I discuss with clients all the time:

“Why has there been a feeling of distance and miscommunication between my partner and I?”

“I’ve had anxiety for the last few months and I can’t figure out why.”

“I’ve recently had a major life transition. I don’t where to start, or how to cope.”

“I have two business opportunities available right now. Which one should I put my energy into?”

Having the answers to questions like these is priceless and will help you move forward in all areas of life with confidence and clarity.

For a reading, please contact me at: [email protected].

You can also read more about my methods on my website, including what to expect at your session, how intuitive readings can be used to help you navigate your life, and more. Please visit DiamondStarReadings.com for this information.

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