Your Professional Home Awaits

Heal business battle wounds, don’t recreate them 

Come Home to HoloBeing

Can I share a sacred secret with you? Every week I revel in a supportive community of like-minded holistic business owners. I have the privilege of learning from my community every week. I can share my successes and challenging growth edges in real-time with a group of healers that truly cares about my business success and personal wellbeing. I can come as I am. I am seen. Everyday, no matter what happens in my business I feel abundant and held because I have a solid container for my process. Isn’t that incredible? And what’s even better, you can have all that too…

Do you ever wish you had a Professional Home? A place to really belong?

Are you passionately building your business but feeling isolated in the process?

Do you wish you had someplace to share your ups + downs of growing your business?

Are you tired of attending workshops, trainings and events without gaining traction?

Are you ready to allow yourself to be be seen for YOU? To be witnessed and recognized?

Are you longing for guidance that speaks to your unique flavor vs. a one-size-fits-all ideology?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, you’re in luck. HoloBeing is right here for you.
Take your seat at the proverbial dinner table with your colleagues.
Gather with high-quality colleagues with whom you can bounce ideas off, get feedback and see your blind spots.
HoloBeing has a unique offering and its called ‘Community’ but really it’s a safe, skillful nest and the benefits are endless.

What IS the HoloPreneurs Program?

We are an ongoing circle of motivated holistic business owners who come together weekly to support one another.  Our circle creates a professional network of high-caliber colleagues who refer to one another, provide attentive feedback, share knowledge and lend support and even collaborate with one another with clients and events.  The sky is the limit with how to utilize the benefits of belonging to our group.

The HoloPreneurs Program is also a business training program and a personalized business incubation program.  No matter where you are in your business – just starting or 15 years in – you’ll be learning valuable business and financial skills with monthly webinars, a workbook and quarterly one-on-one focus sessions with an expert coach.

Building your business is not a one-size-fits-all process.  That’s why our program focuses on providing you with knowledge and skills to build your biz according to your own values, strengths and what energizes you.  One-on-one coaching will help you sort through your business weaknesses and strengths, the marketing strategies that are right for you and how to implement them, and will help you heal your money wounds and your business wounds.  Your circle of peers will support you as you implement your business-building strategies and will grow with you.


Tour Your Professional Home

We also offer fully furnished and beautiful office space so your holistic business can thrive and your clients can do their good work.

Words from our Program Members...

  • "Lesley has been an amazing resource and support system for my new business. She knows how to help each individual grow their business uniquely and professionally. She listens excitedly and helps create a clear plan and message. Thanks to Lesley I am no longer stuck and scared when it comes to business. "

    HoloPreneur J.I.
  • "Lesley blends a perfect balance of helping you understand the nuts and bolts and concrete logistics of running a business while helping you face your own internal demons that are blocking you from having the success you yearn for.  She is able to hold your hand through the ups and downs of developing a business with both firmness and gentleness.  She matter- of- factly believes wholeheartedly in you in a way that is almost impossible not to believe in yourself."

    HoloPreneur A.O.
  • The program has helped me address my money shadow, beliefs around abundance and professional worth. Lesley has a sharp mind and uses this tool to focus on business details I would have rather not looked at.  I can say honestly that I would not have as many clients, practical income goals, book-keeping practices and relevant marketing skills if it were not for the HoloPreneurs Program. I’ve been at HoloBeing since 2012 and have seen real growth in my business. In creating the HoloPreneurs Program, a thriving community for health practitioners was created. There’s no place I’d rather be. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is willing to look at their shadow; to transform and integrate it into a thriving business.

    HoloPreneur E.H.