5 Reasons To Be a Guest Presenter at Holo Live

It will grow your business

When you present a morsel of your work to a highly engaged group, those people are likely to become interested in working with you further. When you stay in touch with your students + invite them to deepen their work with you, your live teaching event becomes a gateway for new clients + customers.

It’s a chance to create a world you want to live in

What you put into life is what you get out of it. Contributing yourself to your community will build relationships, support your work + the work of others — and foster a thriving economy of innovative, soul-driven leaders.

It’s an outlet for your passions

When you follow your passions, you are inspired and energized — which snowballs into success. HoloBeing Live is a platform for you to launch your passion projects and offer what you have to give in a supportive, easeful, beautiful environment.

It will cultivate your tribe

HoloBeing Live is a venue to meet + learn from one another. Whether you are a student, teacher or some combination of both, you will have the opportunity to tap in to the collective genius of your community. You are not alone in your intrepid work+ now there is a place to immerse yourself in great company.

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There is only one YOU. And the world needs your unique contributions. Hosting an event at HoloBeing Live gives the world its much-needed access to your gifts and talents.

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