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Logistical and Sign-Up Questions

How Do I Join?

If you feel you are a good fit for HoloBeing, you begin by completing the online application here.  We will then contact you for an office visit to tour the space and learn about our current offerings and availability. If you are signing up for the HoloPreneurs Program you will need to meet 1:1 with Lesley, HoloBeing’s founder. If we are a good fit you will then receive all informational materials and a space rental or program Agreement via email within 24 hours of your visit!

What’s in the Agreement?

The Agreement is a standard legal document and covers:

Subject Area and Term                        Access to Subject Area                                        Notices                                        Signs

Use/Trade Name                                   Insurance                                                              Confidentiality                          Hours of Operation

Usage Fees and Charges                      Professional/Business Licenses                        Security                                      Casualty Damage

Interest and Late Charge                     No Requirement to Refer                                   Miscellaneous                           Surrender of Subject Area

Security Deposit                                    Waiver of Claims and Indemnity                      Governing Law                          Relationship of the Parties/

Work at Subject Area                            Assignment                                                           Changes in Law                         Intellectual Property

Utilities                                                    Termination                                                         Maintenance /Use of Subject Area

What are the Rules + Regulations?

The Rules + Regulations detail some of the more practice operation procedures so that the space can operate well.

Currently the Rules+Regulations are as follows: click here

When Can I Start?

Once you have been accepted into the HoloBeing community you may utilize space as soon as your Agreement has been executed, or begin attending HoloPreneur Program circles and events.  We will work diligently to get your practitioner page/ specialty pages up on our website promptly.

What if I Don’t Start at the Beginning of the Month?

We will pro-rate the month if you are beginning on a date different than the 1st of the month.

Do You Offer Rental Agreements for Less Than 12 Months?

It depends. If you are not in the HP program we will consider rare circumstances where it makes sense to do a shorter contract.

Can I Try Out the Space Before I Sign Up?

Sure! We offer a free 60-minute trial. You must qualify for your trial hour by: completing an office visit, signing the Waiver/ Rules+Regulations form and scheduling/ redeeming your free hour within 72 hours of your office visit.

Are Hours Fixed or Flexible?

It depends on what rental format you choose. Drop-Ins are always flexible hours, Non-HP Program renters and HoloPreneurs can choose between fixed or flexible hours or do a combination of both.

What Happens to my Office Hours if I am Traveling?  Do They Roll Over?

If you have fixed hours and you are not there to use the space it is still your responsibility to pay for said hours. If you have flexible hours they must be used within the month, and hours do not ‘roll over’ to the next month.

Do you ever wish you had a Professional Home? A place to really belong?

Are you passionately building your business but feeling isolated in the process?

Do you wish you had someplace to share your ups + downs of growing your business?

Are you tired of attending workshops, trainings and events without gaining traction?

Are you ready to allow yourself to be be seen for YOU? To be witnessed and recognized?

Are you longing for guidance that speaks to your unique flavor vs. a one-size-fits-all ideology?

Tour Your Professional Home

We offer fully furnished and beautiful office space so your holistic business can thrive and your clients can do their good work.

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