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My three core values are: Love, Courage and Integrity. Love is important to me because it’s our connection with everything. It’s part of our basic life force. I believe that love is part of what we feel when the ego is out of the way and we are connected to our essence. Courage is important to me because we need it to do hard things. Integrity is important to me because when we have something hard to do, this keeps us from cutting corners, so that we can reach love.

I believe that our bodies are a vehicle for our spirit. It is our human right to feel safe, loved and seen as who we really are. When we feel these three things we are able to fully inhabit our vehicle and use it for transformation.

I’m trained in mindful awareness and use this to witness you and your pain with non-judgement and love.

I am nurturing, kind and present. I also have a warrior spirit and can cut through BS without being mean or hurtful.

My clients experience change and growth that comes from a combination of their drive and my facilitation.

I’m skilled at guiding clients through visualizations that positively affect the mind & body.

I’m a holistic practitioner, which means I will coordinate with your existing health practitioners or make appropriate referrals to support your mind, body, spirit and energy.


Erin Hernandez

 Psychotherapist ◍ Core Synchronism Practitioner

◍  [email protected]
◍  (719) 469 – 0781
◍  3008 Folsom Street, Boulder 80304



Core works with every system in the body to synchronize subtle rhythms of the bones, brain, organs, nervous system, and the body’s electrical system with the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid.The founder Robert Stevens’ says that “It is a mechanical system designed to restore harmony to the organism. Establishing balance results in activating an individual’s self-healing ability.” When the systems in the body are synchronized to their original blueprint ( the blueprint created upon the creation of the body and all it’s systems), this brings health and vitality to the person.

Session Rate: $90 / hour


I’ll help you address this trauma by working with body. I’ll use somatic interventions and Core Synchronism to help your nervous system come to balance and rest. We’ll also address any behavior patterns and thought patterns that have come about after experiencing sexual abuse. Most of all, connect with the deepest part of yourself, that is still intact, even after experiencing abuse.

Session Rate: $120 / 50 Minutes


Assisting people on their journey to health & wellness can be fun, fulfilling, joyful and up-lifting. What we can sometimes be unprepared for is how other peoples’ pain can trigger our own; or what to do when someone is feeling overwhelmed when they are with us. Not only are we vehicles for love and light, but we have our own internal processes that we bring to our work; I help you shine a light on how your process affects your clients.

Session Rate: $100 / 50 Minutes


“Erin’s approach is both comforting and inspiring–it is transformational. She provides an incredibly safe space to address absolutely anything, and her manner is always authentic–she is uncompromisingly herself, and this, I felt invited me to be uncompromisingly myself. I initially came to Erin with a lot of fear and I longed to feel more confidence. The subtle shifts that have accumulated now feel huge. I am so grateful for her healing work.” Counseling Client HW

– Counseling Client, HW | Boulder –

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