A silver lining of “the great pause”? We can connect at a distance. The past year plus of zoom life has a silver lining: It taught us that it’s at least somewhat possible to connect at a [...]

Skillful Feedback

Skillful feedback helps parenting partners unite.  In 2012, I wrote an article called How to Give Skillful Feedback for a popular online journal. Now, parenting in the 2021 post-pandemic world, I [...]

Myth of Mothering

Debunking the myth of mothering As a mother, you may be falsely assured that your maternal or natural mothering instincts will “kick in”, that you “are made for this”. This may be said in an [...]


Even if you’re familiar with the term “Attachment,” it’s probably worth revisiting.  Are we on the same page about attachment? Would it shock you to know that as a therapist it matters not to me [...]