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Body-Mind-Spirit Psychotherapy (see specialties below)


Hello! Thanks for reading my bio; I feel so much gratitude for each person with whom I work. Therapy takes courage and a desire to feel better; it can be overwhelming to initiate but the payoff is huge.

We each hold stories of our lives that inform how we feel about ourselves and the world. I believe we are all connected on a deep level that we do not typically notice in our daily lives and this causes suffering. When we are given the space to safely reconnect and appreciate our self, we are better able to feel connections in our daily life. This then helps us feel more confident and not get sucked into our own self doubt and negative thought patterns.

Work varies from session to session based on what you’re needing. I come from a holistic perspective, meaning I try to incorporate thoughts, feelings, and beliefs (spiritual and worldly) in order to address what is not working as well as to build on strengths that are working. My specialties are listed above but I have worked with many issues over the past 15 years so please feel free to contact me to see if we would be a good fit.

Thanks for reading and congratulations on starting your process to feeling more fulfillment and connection.

Annemarie Prairie

Annemarie Prairie


[email protected]
◍  (720) 331-6928
◍  3008 Folsom Street, Boulder, 80304



I offer counseling in the following areas :

Addiction and Codependency
Eating Disorders
Anxiety & Depression
Grief & Loss
Gender Fluidity / Non-Binary

Session Rate: $120 / 55 Minutes


“What I really appreciate about Annemarie is her ability to hone in on what really needs to be addressed each session, She has a way of empathizing and understanding me that is unmatched. I am grateful to have her as my therapist; I feel like I receive impactful information each session!”
– B.T.
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