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My Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice helps those with symptoms (and even serious complex illnesses) who haven’t received great answers from their Western medical doctors.  Perhaps you’ve received a diagnosis but the treatment doesn’t seem to be resolving things fully or in a healthy way.  Or perhaps your symptoms aren’t getting a diagnosis, and no one can really explain what is going on!  I use a well-stocked toolbox of knowledge and modalities to give you an explanation and an understanding of your symptoms, as well as an effective (and natural!) protocol for resolving your symptoms.

My Intuitive Reading work is a rich world where we explore your unique energetic, psychological, spiritual and emotional landscape.  By tuning in to you on this level (based in my training in multiple Shamanic traditions), together we are able illuminate your inner obstacles, un-tie emotional and energetic knots and bring crystal-clear clarity to areas of your life that currently feel challenging or painful.

My work is fully based in helping you understand yourself so much better.  We all have a unique physical constitution and a unique emotional operating system.  Whether you are navigating tough physical symptoms or wanting to navigate the waters of your life more fluidly, we might be a great fit and I look forward to speaking with you!


Alexandra Davis

Acupuncturist ◍ Intuitive

◍  [email protected]
◍  (206) 992 – 3633
◍  3008 Folsom Street, Boulder, 80304



Acupuncture for tough physical symptoms, pain relief (I specialize in Dry Needling) or for deep relaxation and balancing.  Chinese herbs, dietary and lifestyle guidance and self-healing practices will also be discussed and prescribed if needed.

Session Rate: $90 / hour


One hour of time focused on you and any questions that you bring to the session (about life decisions, challenging areas, loved ones).  Using intuitive and shamanic techniques, extraordinarily helpful information and insights for you flow into our session together.  Clients leave feeling clear, relaxed, deeply seen and understood, and with fabulous new insights for themselves and their lives and relationships.

Session Rate: $125 / hour


An acupuncture session with an intuitive reading added on while you rest on the treatment table.  This is my most popular offering, as it combines the healing effects of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with the powerful and personalized experience of an Intuitive Reading.

Session Rate: $115 / hour


“My experience with Alexandra has been nothing short of exceptional. Both her acupuncture and her intuitive reading skills and gifts stayed with me long after our session ended.  I felt held, seen, and spacious in her presence.  I can feel Alexandra’s devotion and dedication to healing work in the world around her. I felt like there was nothing I couldn’t bring up with her, she is game to work on whatever is alive and present for me on any given day.  She is a deep well of knowledge and wisdom.  I highly recommend Alexandra as a quality practitioner of the highest integrity.”
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