If you have an injury or chronic pain..
you may be familiar with the experience of going through the whole day with your pain, coming up against it when you try to perform certain activities, and pushing it aside to go on with your day but feeling it nagging constantly under the surface.

This cycle can lead to feeling depressed, beaten down and that you are not living your life at your top potential for enjoyment and freedom.  It can also interfere with hobbies, work, and relationships.

To those suffering with it, pain can feel difficult or even impossible to resolve.  Since it is a response from our body telling us that ‘something isn’t right’, we can’t simply turn off the pain, we need to address the underlying causes- this is where most people often need help and expertise from a practitioner.  I specialize in treating pain from athletics, injuries, over-use, postural issues and unknown causes.  There are several acupuncture techniques to treat pain and I use whichever techniques will best address your condition.  The technique I use the most is a modern needling method called Trigger Point acupuncture. Trigger Point acupuncture often yields immediate and powerful release from muscular holding patterns, which are the main cause of pain regardless of the cause.

I have seen so many people benefit from acupuncture for pain, and have even seen countless patients unwind their pain patterns to the point of zero pain and discomfort remaining.

How is acupuncture different than other types of treatment for pain relief?

There are a variety of treatments for pain syndromes that are truly effective and I consider acupuncture to be one of the best. What makes a pain treatment truly effective and worth the financial cost is if it addresses the root causes of your pain. Most pain comes from the muscles and tissues becoming impaired, inflamed, or over-contracted from use, imbalanced posture, or injury. An effective pain treatment will not just block the pain response or temporarily alleviate it, but will seek out the specific tracts of muscle and tissue that are affected and help them release and return to a healthy state. Using acupuncture needles allows for the unique ability to directly pinpoint the fibers of muscle and tissue that are most contracted or impaired, and to release them with the movement of the needle. In this way, quick and powerful re-adjustment of the tissues occurs through acupuncture and most patients with pain have an immediate recognition of this release. Depending on the patient and their situation, release from a pain pattern can take one treatment or will happen gradually over several treatments. In either case, the impairments and contractions in the tissues that are causing pain are actually released, allowing patients to truly move on from their pain.

Many people believe that their pain, especially if it is chronic, is something they will be living with for the rest of their lives. Others refuse to accept this and will try any method that may help them. For both types of people, and anyone living with pain, I encourage you to try acupuncture and discover if it will help you. I specialize in treating pain and am uniquely trained in Trigger Point acupuncture to help patients release their pain and re-gain full use of their bodies and their well-being.


Alexandra’s acupuncture sessions are effective and expeditious. Come see for yourself!

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“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” – Chinese Proverb

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