8 Reasons Why You Would Work with an Herbalist

Lesley Glenner

– By Heather Saba –

As a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist, I often get asked: well what do you actually do anyway? Other healing modalities such as massage therapy and acupuncture tend to be better understood and accepted by society-at-large nowadays (even some insurance plans will cover them!), however, herbalism as a clinical practice still remains obscure for many. In this article, I will introduce 8 reasons why you would want to work with a Clinical Herbalist and how your work with them could complement the other forms of healing you already receive.

  1. To receive a personalized health plan and protocol
    The internet is chock-full of “cure-all cleanses” and “fool-proof formulas” for all sorts of conditions and ailments, but what is really the right one for you and your body? Since every person is uniquely different, I believe that there is not truly a “one-size-fits-all” formula or protocol. When you work with a Clinical Herbalist, you receive a personalized health plan and protocol designed specifically for your individual health picture.
  2. To complement & deepen the other forms of healing you receive
    Although seeing a Clinical Herbalist and getting a professional massage may seem like two radically different therapies, they are actually amazing complements in many ways! Consider the reason you go in for a massage, acupuncture treatment, reiki session, or another alternative healing therapy. Perhaps you go for support after a physical injury, to relieve chronic tension, or simply to relax when you feel anxious and stressed out. Consulting with a Clinical Herbalist in addition to receiving these therapies can offer another means of support in reaching your overall health goals.

    For instance, taking an herbal powder formula to promote healthy tissue repair and boost collagen production in the body complements the work you might be doing with your massage therapist after an injury occurs. Or if moving and draining stagnant lymph in the body is one of your main priorities and your Clinical Herbalist formulates a daily herbal tea to drink, receiving therapy from a bodyworker at the same time assists in deepening the effects of the tea.

  3. To have someone assess your entire symptom picture, health history, and nutritional intake as one connected piece
    One thing that truly differentiates Clinical Herbalists from other practitioners is that you get to share your entire health story with someone who will listen, evaluate privately, and create a personalized protocol made just for you. An initial intake session will last about 1.5 hours and you are encouraged to share only as many details as you feel comfortable talking about. At first, it may seem weird or random that your herbalist is asking you questions about your sleep patterns, diet, or childhood accidents when you are there simply for digestive issues . . . but trust me: every part of your picture plays a role in why you feel the way you do today!

    While the first intake session is always the longest and most in-depth, any follow-up session after that will only take 30 minutes – 1 hour. These sessions focus on continuing to build and develop your health plan depending on how things are shifting. There is also time to share and expand on any health information that was not covered during the intake.

  4. To create lasting, positive changes in your symptoms and overall health
    Stopping by the health store and grabbing a pre-made headache soothing tincture can be great in a pinch. However, if you experience frequent, chronic headaches then always relying on this method may just be covering up a symptom of something greater that is out of balance.

    Working with a Clinical Herbalist can help identify and work from the root cause. Why is this important? Working from and addressing the root cause of your symptoms will help foster positive changes that last, instead of simply clearing your headache temporarily until the next one occurs.

  5. To receive personalized herbal formulas and dosing strategies
    Interested in using herbs but don’t know where to begin? Want to use a specific formula or supplement but don’t know how to create a dosing strategy? Through consulting with a Clinical Herbalist, you can walk away with a personalized herbal formula, protocol complete with dosing strategies, and answers to all of your supplement isle questions.

    As the old adage goes: the medicine is in the dose. Clinical Herbalists have studied for years just to become certified and keep up-to-date on modern research in order to make informed recommendations for your dosing strategy and overall health plan.

  6. To have continued support wherever you are
    One of the tremendous benefits of working with a Clinical Herbalist (especially those that offer distance consultations) is that you can receive support wherever you are. Say you are off on vacation and start having a flare-up of some of your symptoms and don’t know what to do. Or perhaps you started taking a new formula which changes your symptom picture and new questions arise for you. Your herbalist is only an email away.

    Unlike other traditional healthcare practitioners who can leave you mystified, confused, and left hanging after a 10-minute initial consultation and a prescription, working with a Clinical Herbalist can help you get to the root of your imbalances while providing continued support through all of the changes along the way.

  7. To jumpstart your healing path
    Looking for a complete health reset? Or maybe you are just feeling stagnant on your current healthcare routine and wanting a change? Consulting with a Clinical Herbalist can help you focus and achieve health goals of any shape or size. If you know you need to jumpstart your healing path but are not quite sure where to begin, scheduling an appointment with an herbalist is a great place to start.

    I always remind my clients that the herbalist is only the guide to help focus and facilitate their own healing path. If your desire to feel better is strong and you are willing to do the personal work necessary to heal, the work with your herbalist will progress even faster!

  8. To help you achieve any health goal naturally!
    There is no health goal too big or too small to express to and consult with your herbalist about. This is an empowering aspect of working with a Clinical Herbalist. So many of my clients have hesitantly shared their goals with me because they feel they are unattainable or insignificant compared to others. Through our work together, I help them focus in on their goals and create stepping-stones to achieve along the way if necessary.

    Sometimes our health goals change once we get started doing the work to feel better. This is natural! Your herbalist is there to help guide you in the direction you want to be.

Interested in trying a session with a Clinical Herbalist? Book a Free 15-minute Introductory Phone Session with me to find out if I am the right practitioner for you.

Heather is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist, Whole-Body Wellness Coach, and Holistic Educator practicing in Boulder, CO at HoloBeing Wellness and offering distance consultations via phone and Skype. To schedule a session with her and learn more about her offerings check out her website here.

Heather also works with Dynamic Roots: High Altitude Herbals and Authentic Hemp Company. Both are bioregional, Beyond Organic and Biodynamic herbal and hemp product lines. Check out her products for sale at HoloBeing and online: dynamicroots.com & authentichempcompany.com

Heather is one of our valued and talented practitioners at HoloBeing. To learn about using office space at HoloBeing and growing your practice with us, please visit us here.

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