10 Questions with Jenessa Eisler: Lomi Lomi Practitioner

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Jenessa Eisler

The following interview is with Jenessa Eisler of Wild Light Healing Arts.  Jenessa specializes in therapeutic massage, a fusion of connective tissue therapy and Lomi Lomi.

Q1: What inspired you to pursue this path?
That’s a question that could have many layers of an answer.  I have found inspiration, interest, and elements of healing work in nearly every job I’ve had, no matter what job it was. I was given feedback frequently that I have a great touch, and I remember as a child rubbing the shoulders of my parents and their friends as they sat around the poker table playing their monthly/quarterly friendly game of poker. So perhaps this path has been in the making for a long time. Specifically, touch therapy, and hands on healing came into focus for me really when I was assisting midwives at the Brooklyn Birthing Center in NYC. I found that utilizing touch, and presence-centered awareness were amazing parts of the birthing experience, for all involved. And as much as I honored and revered being part of the birth process, I realized that being on-call (which is the nature of birth!) was not a great fit for me. But touch was! Right around that same time, a dear friend put me onto something called Lomi Lomi. I had never heard of it, and felt a deep curiosity to learn more. It is an ancient Hawaiian Healing artform, incorporating massage, loving intention, prayer, spiritual awareness, acknowledgment of ancestors, and so much more. My mind, and my heart were in love with this work. It felt like deep spiritual work that honored the body, the soul, and all that has come before us for us to be exactly where we are right now. This introduction to Lomi Lomi was probably the most inspirational pivoting point for me to pursue this path. I felt like there was something here, in an endless way. Then, as a yang balance to this beautiful yin energy of Lomi Lomi, I found another type of bodywork that felt completely complimentary and different, and equally as inspiring to round out my bodywork knowledge and offerings; connective tissue massage and connective tissue therapy. Not only have I been, and continue to be, deeply inspired and moved by the teachers that I’ve learned from, but also by the work itself. It’s an honor to me, to help facilitate in individuals getting closer to themselves and their own embodied, and spiritual/emotional experience.

Q2: What makes you unique in your field?
I believe I am unique in my field for the heart and deep listening I bring with me into my sessions. I do not take for granted the vulnerability it takes to lay on a massage table, and surrender, and receive. I’m holding the whole person in my field, I’m not just working on someone’s hip or knee or shoulder. I really strive for an integrated, unique experience for every individual; as every individual is unique, and comes to me for different reasons. However, there is a common baseline of a safe, loving, respectful environment, full of reverence. That is what you can expect from a session with me. Additionally, I am an artist, so I bring my artful approach with me to my bodywork sessions.
Q3: How has HoloBeing supported your business vision?
HoloBeing has been a phenomenal support in the grouping of practitioners it attracts. We are all in different stages of our businesses, yet have a common integrity and commitment to growth. I find being able to lean into this group of practitioners with questions or brainstorming has been an integral part of feeling deeply supported in my business.

Q4: What is the hardest thing about having your own business?
One of the hardest things for me about having my own business is being accountable to myself! And figuring out ways that work, and don’t work, for me in my business. That is another reason why I feel so supported by the grouping of entrepreneurs and practitioners at HoloBeing. I’m able to learn from others experiences as well. It’s been, and continues to be, a really fascinating journey to see how I work best.

Q5: What is the most rewarding part of having your own business?
Connecting and connection is the most rewarding part of having my own business; connecting with clients, connecting with fellow practitioners, being creative with what I have to offer, and seeing the impact and contribution it can have. When a client leaves my office feeling shifted, I trust that impacts others in their world, and thus continues to impact our community as a whole.

Q6: How does community play a role in building your business?
Community plays a HUGE role in building my business, from every angle. From client referrals, to website feedback, to revenue models. I depend on my community to bounce ideas around about launching a new offering, or deepening my already existent focus and specialty. I count on my community to ask me the hard, revealing questions, like I’m being asked here 🙂

Q7: What is the best advice anyone ever gave you about your business?
What works for everyone may not work for you; be OK finding your own way creating your business. Trust your pace, trust your process.

Q8: What advice would you give someone else thinking about starting their own business?
I would suggest finding a group of people to do your business growing/building process with. Some of us can go it alone, but I know for myself it is so rewarding to be with others in the process. Also, I would suggest to be prepared for a lot of ups and downs, internally and within the beginning part of the business. It’s a wild ride to go on!

Q9: What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started out?
I know now the very important role confidence plays in having and doing your business. Having a terrific product or service is paramount, additionally, being confident about talking about it is JUST as important. Building confidence is a process as well, so finding ways to feel confident about what you offer is an important part of business development.

Q10: What impact do you want your work to have?
I want my work to have the impact of support, acceptance and awareness; helping and encouraging my clients get closer to what is important to them in their lives. They have a good amount of time to think, and not think! while on my massage table. Working with our minds in stillness is a big undertaking, sometimes we are going through our to-do lists, and hopefully at some point arrive to a place of deepened awareness, and presence. I strive for every client to feel more connected to their body and their heart, more aware of what is held in our bodies; what stories, thoughts, emotions, experiences are in there. I also hope that my clients leave my office feeling expanded, and able to give more love in the world – we need it.


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