My name is Teal.

I am a massage therapist and digestive wellness coach.

My inspiration comes from a very personal place and my own path to healing. My offerings come from a combination of my own battles with chronic pain and inflammation as well as the training and education I’ve pursued as a result.

Central to my approach is deep listening to my clients and their bodies, establishing a relationship of partnership, and enabling my clients to become active participants in their own healing process.

Massage sessions are tailored to meet each individual client’s needs and may include elements of deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, myo-fascial release technique, reflexology, Shoshin Shiatsu, and energy work.

If you get a massage from me you can expect:

  • A deep, detailed, and thorough full-body massage
  • Special attention given to painful or tight areas of the body
  • Relaxing tension relief
  • A restoration of overall balance in the body

I believe that therapeutic touch is a way to access those dark places in the body that hold our deepest emotions and forgotten experiences.  As spring can awaken our memories through our sense of smell, massage elicits emotions and experiences that desire release through touch and breath.  When we remember – when we bring those memories to the surface and release them – we heal.  I support you in bringing your attention to those areas of the body that are in need of release and love.  I also strive to facilitate the dropping into deep relaxation in order to activate the innate healing system of the body.

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Kind Words…

  • "I am in the final days of a very gentle detox. I have lost 5 pounds and so far, my cholesterol has dropped 15 points!100% of my baby weight is gone and then some! I have never stuck to any nutritional plan, so I'm pretty stoked. The program's develper, Teal Stamm, focuses on a holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) and provides phenomenal support. If you are looking to tune into your body and figure out which foods are causing your body to not function at its highest level, please do yourself a favor and check it out!"

    ~Courtney Bailey Gay (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • "My doctor has a new fancy machine that can check lipid levels in 5 minutes. In 7 weeks, my LDLs dropped from 143 to 99. The additional upsides are that the unnecessary added weight has come off, other panel numbers are good or better than they were, energy and focus have returned, and I don't crave things that are obviously "bad" for me.  I am now in the clear and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Teal’s help and expertise. THANK YOU for all your support, encouragement, and yummy recipes!"  

    ~ Jodi Brooks (Austin, TX)
  • “Teal is the person who first discovered that I had a gluten allergy. She helped me a lot with finding tasty gluten-free foods, and she helped me understand what was happening with my body. And now I feel much better. I’m perkier, nicer, and in general much better. All of this wouldn’t have happened if Teal hadn’t figured it out.”   ~Simon Mollborn, age 9 (Boulder, CO)    

  • "There are great massage therapists and then there are healers.  Teal is both.  I was sent to her by my chiropractor because I had chronic muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders that were simply immovable - some from repetitive motion and some from injury.  In one session I was markedly better.  Through Teal's amazing "knowing" of where to work and how to work on me, I have regained enormous mobility and range of motion and have experienced real relief to areas of my back and shoulders that I thought I was simply going to have to live with because nothing seemed to help. I feel like I have been saved because the effects of her work have been lasting!  Teal is a lovely human being and an amazing healer.  I am devastated that she is moving away but grateful she has set me on the path to health.  Teal has, and is, a true gift." ~Mary Alice McPherson, Management Consulting (Stamford, CT/Mahopac, NY)

  • "For many years, I have struggled with back issues as the result of a career spent doing heavy lifting and working long hours. I have often seen a chiropractor and supplemented my treatments with monthly massages.  Since I was introduced to Teal Stamm through my chiropractor, my back is better than it has been in years. I have needed fewer visits to the chiropractor. I highly recommend Teal as a massage therapist. She is truly a healer. She also has given me excellent advice regarding nutritional changes. She is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had." ~Jan Thornley, TV Audio Engineer (Somers, NY)

I’m here for you whenever you are ready…

Perhaps you’re ready today.