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My inspiration comes from a very personal place and my own path to healing. My offerings come from a combination of my own battles with chronic pain and inflammation as well as the training and education I’ve pursued as a result.

My approach begins by listening deeply to your story as well as your body. I aim to establish a partnership with you, as it is important that you are an active participant in your own healing process.

By creating an atmosphere of sanctuary, you are free to drop into deep relaxation. This is where true healing occurs. Together, we will honor the wisdom of your body and listen for the messages that will help you move forward on your healing path.


Teal Stamm

Bodyworker ◍ Digestive Wellness Specialist

◍ [email protected]
◍  (914) 471 – 5091
◍  3008 Folsom Street, Boulder 80304



I work slowly and deliberately, unraveling layers of stress and encouraging the body back into a state of relaxation – the state in which the body heals best. My goal is to listen to what you and your body have to say so that you feel safe and supported in coming home to your body.

My bodywork reflects both my training and continued learning as I weave elements of deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, myofacial-release technique, Shoshin Shiatsu, and energy work throughout my sessions. Believing in the body’s powerful ability to heal itself when given the opportunity, I strive to create a supportive and relaxing experience while addressing your unique and personal needs.

Session Rate: $150 / 90 Minutes


I combine nutritional coaching and massage to bring your digestive system into balance.

The health of the digestive system is paramount to how well the mind and body feels and functions. By listening closely and learning to read the body’s signals, we can make simple changes to dietary and lifestyle factors that will help reduce overall pain and inflammation in the body while supporting the body’s own healing ability. To fully support the digestive system, we must also address the nervous system. Regular, deep relaxing massage, whether weekly or bi-monthly, can facilitate the connection you have with your body and its wisdom while grounding you in a parasympathetic state of being. In this state we maximize our ability to digest and assimilate our food (and life!), repair our cells, and connect with our creative and pleasure centers.

Session Rate: $150 / 90 Minutes


As someone who has received bodywork regularly for the last 15 years, I can say without doubt that Teal Stamm is the best therapist. She has a deep understanding of the body, how to heal soreness and injury, as well as a wonderful flowing touch and calming energy. Together, these qualities combine to make treatments with Teal, relaxing, healing and truly therapeutic. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


If you are looking to tune into your body and figure out which foods are causing your body to not function at its highest level, please do yourself a favor and check Teal out!


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