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HoloWINC... Your Hive Awaits.
A Buzzing Ecosystem for Women in Business

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage. – Anaïs Nin

A Holistic Wellness Community

HoloBeing connects the most dedicated holistic wellness practitioners of the Boulder area with clients who are committed to leading their own healing. Our model is simple: the Greek word “holos” means “whole” and we envision a community of whole, complete beings. 

A Welcoming Environment

Whether you are a client or a practitioner, our freshly-appointed offices will have you feeling right at home.  Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

Coaching + Business Solutions

Coaching and business solutions are necessary to sustain a successful practice. HoloBeing offers programs to help you reach your goals as a private practitioner – freeing you up so that you can  focus on what you do best.

Sacred Arts + Event Space

HoloWINC is THE place for your events, workshops, classes and programmatic offerings! Our 1000 sq ft. event space holds up to 50 people.  View the Calendar or Join the Hive!

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Take a Look Inside

We offer fully furnished and beautiful office space so your holistic business can thrive and your clients can do their good work.

What Our Practitioners Say

  • The program has helped me address my money shadow, beliefs around abundance and professional worth. Lesley has a sharp mind and uses this tool to focus on business details I would have rather not looked at.  I can say honestly that I would not have as many clients, practical income goals, book-keeping practices and relevant marketing skills if it were not for the HoloPreneurs Program. I’ve been at HoloBeing since 2012 and have seen real growth in my business. In creating the HoloPreneurs Program, a thriving community for health practitioners was created. There’s no place I’d rather be. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is willing to look at their shadow; to transform and integrate it into a thriving business.

    HoloPreneur E.H.
  • "Lesley blends a perfect balance of helping you understand the nuts and bolts and concrete logistics of running a business while helping you face your own internal demons that are blocking you from having the success you yearn for.  She is able to hold your hand through the ups and downs of developing a business with both firmness and gentleness.  She matter- of- factly believes wholeheartedly in you in a way that is almost impossible not to believe in yourself."

    HoloPreneur A.O.
  • "Lesley has been an amazing resource and support system for my new business. She knows how to help each individual grow their business uniquely and professionally. She listens excitedly and helps create a clear plan and message. Thanks to Lesley I am no longer stuck and scared when it comes to business. "

    HoloPreneur J.I.
  • “Teal is amazing. She was so perceptive in helping figure out my son’s dietary issues, and his life is forever changed because of her insights. But she does more than that. Teal provides support for figuring out our everyday life with a new diet, from recipes to tips about healthy foods. She explained the complicated biology of celiac disease and gluten intolerance to my child in a way that made sense to him—and that motivated him to want to take control of his own diet. Since we worked with Teal, my son feels empowered to make choices that will give him a healthy body and keep him from feeling bad. I’ve never seen him take charge of his own health like that before, and it’s thanks to her fantastic work.”  ~Stefanie Mollborn (Boulder, CO)

  • "Teal is a delight to deal with! She has a genuine sense of calm and peacefulness that transfers to those around her. She is deeply committed to doing an excellent job, and extremely competent at her work. 

Teal intuitively identifies the areas causing me discomfort, and without exception she manages to give me relief. I can say, unequivocally, that Teal has provided the finest massage therapy services that I have been fortunate to receive." ~Laura Krupp, Interior Decorator (North Salem, NY)

  • "For many years, I have struggled with back issues as the result of a career spent doing heavy lifting and working long hours. I have often seen a chiropractor and supplemented my treatments with monthly massages.  Since I was introduced to Teal Stamm through my chiropractor, my back is better than it has been in years. I have needed fewer visits to the chiropractor. I highly recommend Teal as a massage therapist. She is truly a healer. She also has given me excellent advice regarding nutritional changes. She is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had." ~Jan Thornley, TV Audio Engineer (Somers, NY)

  • "There are great massage therapists and then there are healers.  Teal is both.  I was sent to her by my chiropractor because I had chronic muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders that were simply immovable - some from repetitive motion and some from injury.  In one session I was markedly better.  Through Teal's amazing "knowing" of where to work and how to work on me, I have regained enormous mobility and range of motion and have experienced real relief to areas of my back and shoulders that I thought I was simply going to have to live with because nothing seemed to help. I feel like I have been saved because the effects of her work have been lasting!  Teal is a lovely human being and an amazing healer.  I am devastated that she is moving away but grateful she has set me on the path to health.  Teal has, and is, a true gift." ~Mary Alice McPherson, Management Consulting (Stamford, CT/Mahopac, NY)

  • "That was one of the funnest, most edge-pushing, heart-centered dating experiences I've ever had."   -Raine

  • "All signs seem to indicate you helped me find the love of my life."     -Scott

  • "I love the empowered space they hold and the magic and joy that came through the session.  You are both masters."   -Courtney

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