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Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage. – Anaïs Nin

A Holistic Wellness Community

HoloBeing connects the most dedicated holistic wellness practitioners of the Boulder area with clients who are committed to leading their own healing. Our model is simple: the Greek word “holos” means “whole” and we envision a community of whole, complete beings. 

A Welcoming Environment

Whether you are a client or a practitioner, our freshly-appointed offices will have you feeling right at home.  Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

Coaching + Business Solutions

Coaching and business solutions are necessary to sustain a successful practice. HoloBeing offers programs to help you reach your goals as a private practitioner – freeing you up so that you can  focus on what you do best.

Sacred Arts + Event Space

HoloBeing currently offers a private movement room for yoga, mat pilates, and dance as well as event space that can hold up to 30 people. And we are excited to debut our new, larger movement and event space in December 2015.

Take the next step to a more fulfilling life by scheduling a session
with one of our practitioners or becoming a HoloBeing healing partner.

Take a Look Inside

We offer fully furnished and beautiful office space so your holistic business can thrive and your clients can do their good work.

What Our Practitioners Say

  • "Jenessa is a natural and intuitive healer and body worker. She asks guiding questions that allow the client to tap into personal body wisdom and use their own innate ability to sensate, relax and ultimately heal. Jenessa is at once perceptive and present with the clients wants and needs. In my experience she delivers body work in such a way that you leave feeling both relaxed and shifted. She has helped me grapple with both physical injury and emotional distress through a gentle, supportive and strong presence. She simply knows how to approach the body in a way that feels safe and palliative."
    - Emily C.
  • "When I had my first massage with Jenessa, I was going through a lot in both my personal and business life.  I had major tension points throughout my entire body that Yoga, epson baths or saunas were not able to release. I discovered Jenessa through Holobeing Wellness Center and had several great recommendations from others on her bodywork. Although I am typically skeptical the first time I see a new massage therapist, she made me feel at ease and reassured right away.  Jenessa has a unique approach that I have not seen before with any other massage therapist.  She takes her time and really uses her intuition to let her hands go exactly where your body needs.  She was able to release tension from areas of the body that had been deeply stored away for way too long.  The time and dedication that she provided was like no other massage I have experienced before.  To say I left feeling like a new person is an understatement.  I highly recommend Jennesa and cannot say enough great things about her intuitive and healing bodywork!!"

    - Danielle Martin (Svastha Ayurveda)
  • "Kelly has such a lovely, peaceful and intuitive presence! Her treatments are nourishing, soothing and balancing for my body & soul. If I could see her every week I would because she has a very special talent for CranioSacral Therapy. I have been fortunate enough to see her several weeks in a row and my whole energy shifted as well as my mental outlook. I highly recommend Kelly Walsh and hope to have a long relationship with her and her amazing treatments!" 

    Client J.R.
  • "Kelly and her gifts have been such a blessing to me. As a chronic pain sufferer, I have tried many things and have either been rejected by professionals or the treatment just did not work. Coming to Kelly and working with her has changed my life. Kelly has helped with my pain, my nervous system and my muscular and skeletal system. I know that I would not have progressed the way I have if it was not for Kelly! " 

    Client B.B
  • "Kelly is so wonderful! I was in a car accident where my car was totaled, I came out of it much better than I expected, but my body still ached. My neck was out of line which threw my entire body out and my nervous system shot from all of the adrenaline release. Even after just one session with Kelly, my body began to feel better; more in synch. It has been a beautiful experience and not only was the acute problem in major progress, other areas of my life began to flow better as well!"   

    Client J.S.
  • "Best nap and healing sesh I have had in forever. Kelly Walsh is so down to earth and kind. If you haven't had energy work done before and worry that it might be to woo woo for you, don't. Kelly makes it all feel really warm and normal. She is very talented and all to help with energetic life shifts! Love her! " 

    Client W.B.
  • "I am so grateful for my session with Kelly last week, she is a truly gifted healer who brings her full presence, intuition, mad skills and beautiful grace into session. It was amazing to feel so supported, guided, embodied and safe as I felt space opening, stuck energy moving and my nervous system settling and resetting. It is rare to find such a remarkable healer and I feel quite blessed to have the opportunity to work with her." 

    Client S.P.
  • "I am fortunate to be working with Alexis. After a lifetime of various therapeutic approaches my experience with Alexis has been surprisingly effective, and quite enjoyable. What pleases me the most is how easily our work integrates into my life. I am making behavior changes that I had feared were impossible; with very little effort. My approach has shifted from concern that I would always struggle with issues such as depression and addiction, to absolute confidence that with Alexis’s help I will live the rewarding, happy life that I wish for everyone. I have improved so profoundly, and in such a short time, that I mention Alexis to anyone who will listen."

  • " Alexis has been a phenomenal resource in my road to recovery. She provides a positive and honest perspective that cultivates both inner strength and emotional growth.  The support that I have received from her has been invaluable; as well, I have gained an immeasurable wealth of knowledge and have finally began to fully appreciate life in a simple, yet sincere manner.   "

  • “My Life’s Journey through experience has allowed me to know Truth. Be connected to the All One Consciousness. In Service with and For the Collective Consciousness. As an Inciter of Truth I guide others to their Divine Destiny, Purpose, and Mandate. The competition is unconscious…” 

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